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Organising Committee

University of Patras repr. by Vice Rector Prof. Dr. D. Mantzavinos

Dpt. of Philosophy of the University of Patras repr. by the Head of the Dpt. Prof. Dr. Michael Paroussis

Center of Hellenic Studies in Greece of the University of Harvard repr. by Dr. N. Prevelakis and Managing Director Dr. Christos Giannopoulos as deputy member

Region of Western Greece represented by the Subgovernor Andreas  Filias and as deputy member N. Korovesis

Society for Promoting Education and Learning (Philekpedeftiki Etereia) represented by the Arsakeion Patras High School Director Dr. M. Petrakis

IPO 2023 Supporters

Municipality of Ancient Olympia repr. by Mayor G. Georgiopoulos

Research Fund of the University of Patras represented by Director Prof. Dr. P. Dimopoulos

IPO 2023 Media Sponsors

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