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Rector’s Welcome Note

Dear International Philosophy Olympiad participants,
It is my extraordinary pleasure to welcome you to the University of Patras and wish you a fruitful and fair competition in philosophical thinking. Our University is proud to host a Philosophy Olympiad for a second time after 2010, when we entered the field of supporting excellence and talent among young thinkers. Our Department of Philosophy organises since then under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education the Panhellenic Philosophy Competition for Highschool students with success
and large acceptance and

recognition. This year they have undertaken the heroic task to invite the IPO Community to the cradle of human Logos. You are very lucky to have the chance to experience the authentic atmosphere of Olympic Spirit at Ancient Olympia itself, the place that bore the ideal of peaceful gathering and symbolic antagonism. United in spirit, competitive in merit, we proceed! Wish you a stay with deep inspiration, successful participation, and memorable experiences!

The Rector

Christos I. Bouras

Christos I. Bouras is Full Professor at the University of Patras, Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics. His research interests include 5G and Beyond Networks, Analysis of Performance of Networking and Computer Systems, Computer Networks and Protocols, Mobile and Wireless Communications, Telematics and New Services, QoS and Pricing for Networks and Services, e-learning, Networked Virtual Environments and WWW Issues.  He has published more than 450 papers in various well-known refereed books, conferences and journals. He is a co-author of 9 books in Greek and editor of 2 in English.

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