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How to get here

We are glad to be your hosts at this year's event! To make your travel to Olympia comfortable and easy, we are offering free bus rides from Athens International Airport to Olympia, as well as free rides for your return to Athens International Airport. Consult the schedule for more details on our bus departures. 

Should you wish to travel on your own to Olympia, you can take the regional bus lines from Athens or Patras ( Clicking on the company logos at the bottom of this page, will take you to their websites to check schedules or book tickets. Alternatively you can take the ferry from Italy to Patras and the bus from Patras to Olympia.

You may also consult the interactive satellite map right below, which is centered on Olympia. On the right side you will also find pinned the International Olympic Academy, which is the venue of IPO 2023.

For any further queries you might have on traveling and/or staying at Olympia, you can always write to the IPO team at

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