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Philosophy welcome home!

Dear friends and colleagues, welcome to the 31st IPO edition! We will be happy to host your teams at the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia. The very name of our wonderful IPO formation refers to the place that is a synonym for fair competition, noble spirit, peace and wisdom. Same wisdom that makes the second composite part of the word philosophy.

The synagonistic antagonism might sound as a paradox but it is our reality every year, when we accompany ambitious and erudite pupils fighting for excellence and self-fulfillment under terms of companionship and mutual respect to the others.

Our central topic “A Life in Fair Competition” is totally suitable to Olympia, the historical locality in which we were blessed to organize our contest in the purpose to gift the young generation of participant students with a sustainable memory for their life. Lectures and workshops about “Fairness and Digital Divide”, “Liberalism and Equality of Chances”, “Ethics of Competition”, “Meritocracy and Common Good” or “Effective Altruism” will enrich our program without omitting excursions to archeological sites or the due part of relaxed fun. A very special workshop will be dedicated to a very popular contemporary Greek philosopher who was born in Olympia, namely Panagiotis Kondylis (1943-1998). He is a thorough critic of the mass consumerist society, which is a deviation from the principles of the political anthropology of the Enlightenment.  His works on “Planetary Politics after the Cold War” and “Power and Decision” will be presented at a workshop that is sponsored and hosted by the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, his proud native town.

Very unfortunately, like last year in Lisbon, we still live in times of war in Europe. The IPO family has unmistakably condemned the aggressive attack against Ukraine. We stay firmly behind the IPO declaration for peace, independence and respect of sovereignty of all countries and peoples. Olympia has yet always cultivated a special condition for humanity, that is the so-called Olympic Truce. Peaceful coexistence during the Olympic Games by interrupting all hostilities and armed fights between the Hellenic cities-states. Soon the competent Organs will have to take a definitive decision with regard to the participation of delegations, which have declared their affirmative intent to make part of IPO this year, but happen to represent countries against which have been raised international sanctions.

We invite you all to register until the 10th of April. Through the preregistration process we were happy to communicate with colleagues that renewed their interest for IPO or investigated the possibilities for a very first participation. The IPO community grows further but still remains a family, based on initiative, fraternity, mutual recognition and respect, and above all on concentrating to the tradition of philosophy to the younger generations of worthy thinkers. Just take some time and have a look on our central logo: 3 running figures compose the XXX and the Goddess of wisdom Athena/Minerva the I. First figure on the left is Socrates, the fundament of our philosophical practical tradition. To him looks the second figure, which represents the teacher of philosophy who takes ideas and strength from the old grand Master. The figure to the right represents our young scholars who run for victory by looking at the representation of eternal wisdom. An olive branch will be their wreath, a symbol of sustainable spiritual fertility and not a proof of fugitive material wealth.

We welcome philosophy home again, we welcome you all and expect you for four extraordinary days in May in the hope that we will exceed your expectations.

For any questions and requests please send a message to, or Tel. +30 6934241862, or use whatsapp, or viber, or telegram, or messenger! We will be happy to inform and assist you. Follow also the announcements and the Q&A section on the website

On behalf of the Organizing Committee XXXI IPO Olympia 2023, 

Michael Paroussis

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